Enterprise data and information management

Corporate knowledge is essentially an effective understanding of your information that is built using your data assets within your operational context.  Objective data governance structures and trustworthy reporting are expected by the stakeholders, customers and regulators. A clear and streamlined integration of decision-making processes with your corporate knowledge and information assets is critical to delivering on the 'evidence based management' aspirations. Following are some of our key capabilities that we can use to assist organisations in this important area:

Database Design and Standards

Data and associated databases are the foundation for all business-decision making. How data is ingested and stored, what it means to use a consistent definitions standard, how data is related to the business and maintaining known structures for important data holdings are all key questions for effective intelligence and streamlined data management. At Anchoram, we have a configurable framework that allows organisations to assess the corporate value of each database to:

  • Inform decisions such as ‘to migrate (or not) into cloud?’ and ‘should we cease using the data set or redesign it?’
  • Consolidate data holdings to maximise efficiency and value
  • Inform decisions to procure or build a different, better aligned system.

Data Content and Quality Modelling

Data quality is often misunderstood. Mostly poor data quality tends to be treated as a ‘fait accompli’ and any wholesale change to improve it, as an expensive business impediment. At Anchoram, we have developed a radically different approach to data quality management.  We have developed a methodology to map out an operational framework to rank high-usage, high-value data offering a vastly improved return on investment and the ability to contain data quality costs. 

Information Discovery and Analytics  

The key objective to accurately identify and value information/data holdings is to enable that data flows, both within and out of your organisation, are optimised so that the best ‘fit for purpose’ data is available for decision making processes. Anchoram associates are trained in data/information audits and developing models which help with gaining predictive insights from  facilitating analysis across multiple data streams. 

Presentation and Visualisation

Visualisation is well recognised as a tool to show trends and insights that lists and conventional reports may not highlight. This approach minimises the traditional and dated paper-based approaches for information dissemination. However, poorly designed dashboards are a lost opportunity for senior management to look at the ‘big picture’ and enable strategic conversations and decision making.  Anchoram associates have fundamental understanding of data science as well as training in contemporary tools and technologies to help with data visualisation really deliver on what is essential, i.e. to enable management access to critical information and insights across various platforms (desktop and mobile). 

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI), in its essence, is knowing when to change or reinforce a decision that better utilises resources and investment returns. A key component of BI is to know how much the users can base their decisions on their information as an integrity measure. Effective BI capability of an organisation is culmination of various components coming together, both technological and organisational (e.g. data governance). Anchoram associates have extensive experience in providing consulting services around designing and implementation of enterprise data warehousing solutions including modern architectures such as data lakes. 

Archival Compliance

Retention legislation is becoming more complex with significant penalties through poor compliance countered with added costs through not sentencing data appropriately. Added to this state is the increased expectation around privacy and data re-identification, public data sharing and controlled intelligence sharing between agencies. Anchoram associates have worked on numerous engagements covering adherence to Federal, State and Territory archives related legislation and understand intimately, the relevant technical standards, such as the Australian Government Recordkeeping Metadata Standard. 

Tailored Solutions

Anchoram associates have the experience through practical exposure and published research methods to design and offer relevant frameworks that match your organisation.